The website Xooflix is registered as a provider of online services which is clearly stated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (further below referred as DMCA). Our services present people with search results for all kinds of media which are genuine and appropriate according to the users’ preferences. As a website, we take no responsibility of reviewing, observing or any other type of supervising the media files uploaded by third party providers. Copyright defilement is our top priority and as such we wholeheartedly defend the rights of the persons who lawfully own the content. In case you own the copyrights and you notice that your content is displayed on Xooflix and you have not given the authorization for the content to be utilized on sites that are considered a third party, you must let us know by writing to us. That way we will be able to take note of the content’s alleged infringement and do something about that. Give us the information we need and make sure that the information you write is correct and truthful so that we can intervene if needed. The notice you submit in writing to us should:

  • Precisely classify the copyrighted content which you claim is infringed. In case you claim that several of your copyrighted content is allegedly infringed with this notice, list every work which is allegedly infringed.
  • Precisely identify the description as well as where you found the alleged infringed content or the work that is under actions of infringement and give us the information that would enable us to take a look at the content. Enclose the URL and/or URLs of the location of the content in question.
  • Give us data concerning the complainant’s contact details which may consist of the full name, phone number, email address, address of living as well as a signature that will be used so that the complainant can be reached.
  • State that the complainant is positive that the content is infringed and that the utilization of the work in the way complained is not permitted by the owner of the content, their proxy, representative, or the laws.
  • State that the details provided in the notice are correct and fall under the perjury penalty, stating that the complainant has the authorization to take action in the name of the one owning the allegedly infringed right.

Questions Concerning Copyright

Other material regarding the copyrights laws of the United States and the fair utilization can be found here: For countries that are members of the EU, take a look at this link:

Remember that the materials are meant to just inform you and not serve as legal advice or its alternative.