The way in which Xooflix gathers, utilizes, discloses and maintains details provided by users of the website is secured by this privacy policy. This policy is applicable to the whole website and the services and products it offers.

Personal Details for Identification

There is a possibility for us to gather details for identification from users in ways that include services, activities, resources or features that we offer on our website. Anonymous visits are totally allowed. But we will gather the personal details only in case the users give the information to us willingly. They have the option to decline and not give away the personal details for identification. The only downside from this action would be restricted access to some features on the site.

Details for Identification That Are Not Personal

While the users are participating in our website, we may gather some of their non-personal details for identification. These details may consist of the name of the browser, the computer type as well as technical details about the way users access our website like the operating system and the providers of the Internet service and other similar details.

Information for Registering

The registering process will be completed successfully if you give your complete legal name and surname, your residing address, email address, member name and other details required to finish the process. You ought to announce that you are eighteen years or older and should be held accountable for the security of your password and the content posted by your account. You are not allowed to share any viruses, destructive codes or malware. All details that you give or that are collected by the third parties or the website are protected by the privacy policy of Xooflix.

Cookies of the Web Browsers

In order to make the experience of the users better, our website may utilize cookies. The web browser of the user puts cookies on the hard drive of their device with the purpose of keeping records and in some instances tracking their details. However, users have the possibility to optimize their browser to decline cookies or notify you when cookies enter your device. In case they do that, mind that certain parts of the website may not operate in the right way.

What We Do With the Gathered Details

Personal details of the users may be gathered by Xooflix because of our aim to:
  • Make the customer service better. Everything that you share with us gives us the chance to provide answers to your requests as well as the support requirements more effectively.
  • Make the experience of the users more personal. We are permitted to utilize the details in order to take note of the way the users take advantage of the site’s resources and services as a group.
  • Develop our website further. There is a chance for us to utilize your feedback so that we could make the services and products offered on the site better.

Details Protection

Specific processing, storage and gathering processes and protection measures are adopted to keep the details safe from access that is not authorized, as well as exposing, destroying or changing your personal details, username, password, details of your transactions and everything else posted on our website.

Distribution of Your Personal Data

Trading, selling or renting the personal details for identification of users is strictly against our policy. We may distribute demographic details that are aggregated generically, but are not connected to the personal data concerning both users and visitors to our partners, affiliates that we rely on and advertisers for the reasons mentioned above.

Third Party Sites

Commercials or other content that link to the services and sites of our suppliers, partners, sponsors, advertisers and other websites that are a third party may be found on our website. We have no control of the links and content that is offered by these other websites and therefore we are not held accountable for the activities done by the sites linking to and from our own. Moreover, the services and the whole sites may be subject to modifications. They may own their specific privacy policies and policies for customer service. So, any participation on other websites including those linked to our website falls under those sites’ policies and terms.


Some commercials that sometimes arise on the website may be offered by our partners for advertising and they may put cookies. Thanks to the cookies the server of advertisements is able to identify your computer every time they share a commercial with you in order to gather non-personal details of everyone using your computer, including you. Mainly, these details give the networks a chance to send ads that are specifically targeted and that they trust will trigger your interest the most. But the way advertisers take advantage of cookies is not covered by this policy.

The Privacy Policy’s Modifications

Xooflix retains the right to make changes to this policy and update it whenever we see fit. After we do that, though, we will put the updated date below this. That is why users should come to this privacy policy often to see the modifications and what we do to secure the personal details that we gather. You accept and acknowledge that you are responsible for analyzing this privacy policy from time to time and discover the changes that were made to it.

The Terms’ Approval

While utilizing and interacting with the site, you approve of the terms and the site’s privacy policy. Please refrain from using the site if you do not approve the terms of the privacy policy. Using the site further after any edits of this privacy policy will mean that you approve of the edits.

How to Contact Us

For any additional questions and queries regarding the policy, how the website works or your involvement, feel free to get in touch with us through this webpage:

Last updated 08 August 2017