Terms of Use

xooflix terms of use

In this Agreement, you will find the full terms of use that are applicable to everyone taking part in our website. You should carefully go through these terms if you want to take advantage of our site’s features, tools, and services. From here on you agree to abide by these terms of use whenever you visit or use the site. In case you do not accept the terms, you may not come to the site or anyhow participate in it.

Modifying the Terms of Use

We can make certain modifications to these terms sometimes without sending you a notification. You can be assured, though, that the Agreement published on the website is the most recent one, so you are encouraged to read it thoroughly before using the site.

Using the Website

You are not prohibited from selling, advertising, publishing offers, shopping online or bidding. However, you must not do the following:
  • Make use of the services or tools offered on the site even though you can’t legally bind yourself, you are still not off age or are suspended temporarily or permanently from the site.
  • Publishing things in areas or categories on our site that are improper
  • Gathering personal details of the users
  • Messing with the price of the items or getting in the way of the listings of other users
  • Publishing untrue, misleading, inaccurate libelous or defamatory content
  • Damaging the rating system in any way

Details for Registering

In order to successfully finish the registration procedure on our website, you are obliged to give your complete name and surname, your address of residence, your working email address, member name and other details asked of you during the signing up process. You have to state that you are eighteen or more years old and will be held totally responsible for the security of your password and everything that is posted by your account including activities and all types of content. Transmitting any viruses, malware, worms or destructing codes is strictly forbidden. All details that are given by you or collected by the website while you are using it fall under the Privacy Policy of XooFlix.com.

Using the Site in a Non-Commercial Way

All users of the site are not allowed to utilize the services for commercial ventures or endeavors. By this, we mean posting links to other sites, no matter whether they are this website’s competition or not. Legal individuals or entities, among which are organizations, businesses, and/or companies, but not limited to those, may not join XooFlix.com as its members and shouldn’t utilize the site for any reason.


We will investigate and take lawful actions against using the services in an unauthorized or/and illegal way, which includes illicit linking to or framing of the sites. There are certain links, though, that are allowed on our site and you can establish a hyperlink to a suitable part of the site, but under the condition that you: a) share the link only in the section of the forum, messages and chat; b) do not take away or cover any commercials, notices of copyright or other such notices around the site; c) accept that the link doesn’t in any way mean any endorsement or sponsorship of your own website; d) cease posting links to the site at once on a written notice given by us. But, you are obliged to read through the notice of copyright located on the homepage that you intend to link to. This is to ensure that some of the providers of content don’t own specific policies connected to direct links on our website.

Liability Restrictions

No warranties that are implied, representations or statements are made by us due to the respect we have for the program and all the other products that are sold with its assistance. These consist of, but are not limited to, fitness warranties, non-infringement, merchantability or other warranties that are implied and appear as a result of the performance, trade or dealing utilization. Moreover, we do not make any representations that the performance of our site will be free of errors or constant and we won’t be responsible for the possible errors and disturbances and their effect. Whenever there is the need to, we can modify, limit access, discontinue or suspend the whole website or a certain part. All the details, services, content and features on our website are offered on the basis of ‘as is’. The moment you start utilizing or taking part in the site, you are aware and accept the risk that is coming with that.

Rights of Intellectual Properties

Hereby you accept that the interests, titles, and rights in whole, consisting of, but without limitations to rights that fall under the Rights of Intellectual Properties, on and to the website and you acknowledge that you won’t claim any title, right or interest as your own on or to the website apart from what is particularly presented in these terms of use. Changing, translating, adapting, preparing works that are derivative from, decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling or trying to obtain a source code from the software, services or documentation that we offer is not allowed. Also, you must not make or try to make a product or service that is similar to ours or a substitute for it with the help of the program or the other information provided by us.


With this, you accept that you should not share the information collected by using the site or from our customers, advertisers, members of the forum ad suppliers. XooFlix.com has full ownership of every detail shared by a user or customer that is a part of the proprietary details. Such details are secret and should not be shared. Reproduction, selling, distributing, disseminating or taking commercial advantage of such proprietary details are not accepted by the publisher in any way.

Not Transferring the Rights

The rights you own can’t be transferred or assigned to anyone else. Trying something like that may lead to the ending of this Agreement, without any legal responsibility on our side. But, without notifying them, we attain the right to assign these terms of use to other users whenever we see fit.


In case the website is unable to make sure that the covenants and terms of use are operating correctly, that won’t be counted as a waiver of the rights and solutions of the site. Some other infringement of the terms and covenants doesn’t fall under waiving, either and they will go on operating in full effect and force.

Terms’ Severability

Provided that some part of these terms is considered incorrect or can’t be enforced due to a decision or decree of a legal body, a provision like that will apply just to the maximum of what’s allowed by law and the rest of the terms of use will be marked as correct and possible to enforce.

The Whole Agreement

The terms in this Agreement will be led and interpreted by the United Kingdom laws without referencing to the principles of the conflict of laws. Describing and covering the whole agreement so that it suits both you and us, are made possible by these terms. This Agreement goes beyond all other agreements, warranties, representations, and understandings prior to this one or more contemporary ones, respecting the site, the material and content published on it and the subject of this Agreement.

Jurisdiction; Choosing a Law

The United Kingdom courts receive all controversies, disputes or differences that may appear as a result of the interaction between the sides that are related to or connected to this Agreement through their specific jurisdiction excluding all other courts while giving no effect to the provisions of conflict of laws or the country or state you truly reside in.